Saturday, 7 October 2017

As easily as it comes... vanishes. The muse, the desire, the inspiration...whatever you want to call them or it has left me. I have no drive at the moment to pick up my camera and shoot - anything.

September has been an endless month of below average weather and really below average photographic opportunities. Let's hope it returns soon. Usually I shoot between 2 and 3,000 images per month; in September I shot 147... that's it...147. Pitiful. If anyone out there has found my mojo let me know where it is.

So, what of those 147 images? what did I manage to record?



Autumn leaves

Garden orb-spider

Thorn apple

And that... is that... I did do a commercial shoot for a local school but those pictures cannot be posted on line...

So a really dull September guys... apologies an all, but September has washed me out. I hope this isn't the last Blog, but if it is, then thanks for looking over the past 5 years or so...